Carbon Poker

Carbon Poker is a leading online poker site that offers free downloadable software, a free account and the chance to claim a $5,000 bonus. The site offers poker players a variety of different VIP programs. Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Ether and Carbon are the VIP categories, and each one requires a monthly number of VIP points to be played. Earth only requires one VIP point per month, but Carbon requires 20,000 points per month. The Carbon level players must be completely dedicated to the program to reach the 20,000 point level. Each also comes with other benefits.

The site focuses on some of the most popular games. The great thing about this website is that you can learn how to play each game in just a little bit of time. The comprehensive teaching sessions provide players with all of the information they need to compete against players from around the globe.

There are also a host of different tournaments that you can play. The site offers guaranteed, sit “n” go, re-entry, satellite, free rolls and so much more. Some of these tournaments even let you play online poker for real money prizes without having to pay a buy-in or pay any entry fee. Carbon Poker even has special ladies only poker tournaments.

It goes without saying that this online poker venue has something for everyone. It does not matter how much skill or experience you have because you can get better every day. This is the chance to heighten your skills to help you win money on-line and at your local card tables.

Carbon Poker even has betting on sports, casino games and racing. Some of the other benefits of this website are 24/7 support for technical issues. They even have a calculator to help you determine the odds of winning the hand. The online support is second-to-none, and you truly get a realistic and meaningful card experience with every hand you play.